The image quality of different kinds of medical diagnostic systems is strongly dependent on the environment "cleanliness". For example, our environment contains the wide range of RF radiation and this will affect the MR images. In this case RF shielding becomes important.

"TS Medical" LLC designs, manufactures and installs RF shielded rooms. The RF room will be designed and adjusted to almost any kind of parent facility. Typical RF room can be constructed and tested within 7-10 business days.

The RF shielded room construction includes the following steps:
1. Parent room measurement.
2. RF room design.
3. RF room manufacturing, ordering the RF door, window, electrical filters.
4. Construction.

The HVAC system installation and inside room finishes are included if RF room is a part of the turn-key project.

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Покупаем компьютерные томографы Siemens.

Купим б/у компьютерный томограф в любом состоянии: рабочий, поломанный, не укомплектованный, после ремонта на запчасти и т.д.
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