Replacing the NVRAM chip

Often, service engineers working with Hitachi AIRIS II may encounter one or more of the following problems:

1. After turning on SUN Workstation displays the following text:

Sun Workstation, Model Sun-XXXXXX Series.
ROM Rev X.X, XXMB memory installed
ID PROM invalid.
Testing 0 Megabytes of Memory ... Completed.
ERROR: missing or invalid ID prom
Requesting Internet address for 0:0:0:0:0:0


Sun Workstation, Model Sun-XXXX Series.
Type 4 Keyboard
ROM Rev X.X, XXMB memory installed, Serial #16777215
Ethernet address ff:ff:ff:ff:ff:ff, Host ID ffffffff

Invalid format type in NVRAM
The IDPROM contents are invalid

2. The clock on the server SUN stopped working. When the system is lost count of time and / or time is incorrect.
3. When loading stations constantly receive a warning that the battery level is low NVRAM, but everything else works fine.
4. When the system boots get warnings about incorrect checksum IDPROM and / or incorrect type of format in NVRAM.
5. HOSTID and / or Ethernet address on the workstation were damaged.
6. There is a need to change the HOSTID and / or the workstation's Ethernet address.
7. Desktop HITACHI AIRIS II is in full-screen mode security. Without the password, the system will not boot. Password for EEPROM unknown.

As a rule, the cause of all these faults is damaged chip NVRAM. The reason for this may be damaged battery discharge or error in stored data chip. As an alternative solution - a replacement chip NVRAM.

Free download documentation on chip NVRAM M48T59Y-70PC1

It would seem that the issue is very simple. Bought a clean chip, replaced and everything works as before. But in practice it is not so clean after installing the chip system will not start, because of the lack of necessary service information in the replaced NVRAM.

The company offers TS Medical NVRAM chip already recorded them overhead. After replacing the old chip on chip NVRAM acquired in our company, the service life is about seven years old, loading Hitachi AIRIS II will be held in the documented mode.

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