Film for DICOM printer

We suggest to implement Termo DICOM printers from the manufacturer Hangzhou Konida Medical Instrument Factory. The film size 10 * 12 inch is used in printers Agfa Drystar 5302, 5503 and 5500.

The film is intended to print x-ray and MRI images from digital media and yavlyaetcya ray film in the classic sense of the word, because to print pictures on it does not require film development, fixer, etc., as in analog systems radiography.

At present, more and more popular receives digital storage rentgenovckogo images (such as research as MRI and CT was originally stored digital data only), followed by printing it on a specialized radiological DICOM printers.

Printers use a thermal type of printing on special transparent film and is usually used in conjunction with tomography, MRI and digital mammography, ie where you want the highest quality and the print resolution.

Покупаем компьютерные томографы Siemens.

Купим б/у компьютерный томограф в любом состоянии: рабочий, поломанный, не укомплектованный, после ремонта на запчасти и т.д.
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