Magnetic Resonance Imaging Hitachi ARIS II

Hitachi AIRIS II 0.3T MRI

The Hitachi AIRIS II Open MRI scanner has an excellent reputation of being reliable and affordable. The AIRIS II boasts an award-winning asymmetrical, panoramic design that comfortably accommodates more patients (obese; pediatrics; claustrophobia) and clinical applications. The Hitachi AIRIS II features a permanent, 0.3 Tesla magnet that offers great image quality and reliability.
• 0.3T Vertical Field
• Permanent Magnet
• Pulse Gradient System
• Gantry and Patient Handling System
• DICOM 3.0 Interface
• Digitally Controlled RF System
• Magnetic Field Fluctuation Compensation
• Unit
• Image Processor
• Patient Intercom
• Gating Package
• Fast Scanning Package
• FSE, MRA, 2D/3D

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