About us

• The Mission of the TS-Medical is providing high-quality service and installation and maintenance of medical diagnostic equipment.

TS-Medical provides a full range of services from the selection and purchase of equipment to the first customer in your clinic!

• With organized delivery service, technically competent staff engineers, as well as large storage facilities, our company is ready to equip any clinic, hospital, hotel and any other health-improving institution in any volume.

• We cooperate with foreign and domestic manufacturers of medical equipment, consumables, medical furniture and tools, ready to offer reliable and quality product. At the core of our business is the careful selection of the most promising for Ukrainian products of leading world companies, such as GE, Siemens, Philips, Toshiba, Hitachi, etc.

Покупаем компьютерные томографы Siemens.

Купим б/у компьютерный томограф в любом состоянии: рабочий, поломанный, не укомплектованный, после ремонта на запчасти и т.д.
Контакт для предложений: info@ts.zp.ua