Installation and start-up

"TS Medical" LLC specialists will start-up the MRI or CT imaging centre in shortest possible time.

The MRI project contains the following main steps:

1. RF shielded room (Faraday cage) construction.
2. Installing the ventilation and temperature control system (HVAC).
3. Rigging in the magnet.
4. Ramping up the magnet including the helium refill if needed.
5. Shimming the magnetic field.
6. Inside finishes.
7. SW configuration and update.

The CT project contain the following steps:

1. Lead shield installation in the existing room.
2. Rigging the CT scanner in.
3. Starting up and full calibration of the CT scanner.
4. Inside finishes.

Our company provides the application training for the personal if needed.

Покупаем компьютерные томографы Siemens.

Купим б/у компьютерный томограф в любом состоянии: рабочий, поломанный, не укомплектованный, после ремонта на запчасти и т.д.
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