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Special offer

Quarterly maintenance discount price 30%
CT GE Light Speed 16
CT GE High Speed Dual
CT Philips MX 8000
MRI Hitachi Airis II


Supply of spare parts for CT and MRI from warehouses in the United States and Europe for the order


Repair, maintenance, replacement parts in stock.

Special offer

Offer replacement brushes for CT scanners:
CT Philips MX 8000
Siemens CT
CT Picker

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Equipment ready for sale.
Available in stock in Ukraine. .
Faraday cage

Design, installation, diagnostics with the issuance of a passport of conformity, as well as repair Faraday cages. International quality standards. The company's specialists have been trained in the United States.

Recycling equipment

TS Medical Company offers write-off and recycling equipment.
Replacement chip NVRAM

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Film for printer

Already in stock. Film for DICOM printers Agfa Drystar 5302, 5503 и 5500
Own manufacture

TS Medical Company has its own production and offers a variety of solutions for projects in the field of medicine ...
Zaporizhia Construction Company Ltd.

All kinds of work to prepare the room for the installation of equipment. Dismantling. Installation. Redevelopment. Protective measures. Special types of work.
Strategic partner

The American company with branches in Nashville-Tennessee, Shreveport-Louisiana, Zaporozhye-Ukraine, Haifa-Israel, Long Island-New York
Покупаем компьютерные томографы Siemens.

Купим б/у компьютерный томограф в любом состоянии: рабочий, поломанный, не укомплектованный, после ремонта на запчасти и т.д.
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